Welcome to the WARRIOR ARTS PROGRAM. Training is an implicit ingredient in a warrior’s life. A warrior must seek knowledge, earn expertise, and manifest mastery over the skills needed to FIGHT, SURVIVE, and LIVE. The adept Warrior has a well-rounded skill set, and must not only be proficient at combat and tactics, but also know how to save life; his or her own, as well as the lives of others.

The WARRIOR ARTS PROGRAM is a comprehensive training curriculum that offers a variety of training modules and events focusing on the Combative Arts, Tactical and Survival Skills, and Adventure Sports, taught by a world class team of experienced and accredited instructors.

The Warrior Arts Program includes:

All our training programs are carried out in the Philippines or we can make special arrangements to send instructors to your home countries to conduct seminars and group training programs.

If you are planning a trip or vacation, why not join us in the Philippines for some Warrior training. We can book and help plan your trip to the Philippines for training and adventure.

Check out our media page for photos, video, and write-ups on our training programs, and to learn more about the WARRIOR ARTS PROGRAM please contact us and we can send you more information about our training programs, course schedule, and instructors.

Php 1,500.00 for registration, on the spot door fee Php 1,800.00. Inclusive of snacks and training certificate.